Divine Body Oil
    Black Pepper &
    True Lavender

    100ml / 49,00 

    490,00  / 1000 ml

    The Black Pepper & True Lavender Divine Body Oil from Ella Brantë combines a hint of wellness with intensive skincare. The natural extracts of black pepper and real lavender in the oil moisturise and enrich the skin with essential nutrients. The body oil soothes and relaxes at the same time as stimulating and invigorating the skin. As soon as it is applied and massaged in, the sensuous texture of the oil transports you to a world of tranquility and harmony. The experience of wellbeing is rounded off by the pleasant fragrance of lavender with a freshly spicy note from the pepper. This is care that is more than just beneficial.

    How to use:
    Place a little of the oil on the palms of your hands. Then apply it to your skin or face (avoiding your eyes) and gently massage it in. You can get dressed straight after application, as the oil is rapidly absorbed and does not become greasy.

    Product contains: 100 ml