Divine Body Oil

Divine Body Oil

Inspired by a traditional ceylonese formula
made in Germany

Weibliches Model Blond Ella Brante

Männliches Model Ella Brante

Weibliches Model Rot Ella Brante

Ella Brantë Divine Body Oil – bewitching wellness. With their inimitable fragrances, the harmonious body oils from Ella Brantë offer calm and relaxation. The oils, which are suitable for any skin type, sensuously care for and pamper the skin with essential nutrients, vitamins and minerals; they moisturise and revive the skin.


The individual ingredients have been selected with the greatest care and optimally combined in various compositions and proportions for a harmonious whole. The resulting unique compositions are easy to apply and massage in, and they are rapidly absorbed. They offer everything that is important for beautiful, healthy and balanced skin. Ella Brantë Divine Body Oil – for a wonderful skin sensation, completely naturally.

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