Ella for Men


Masculine, natural and gently cleansing, this is Ella Brantë for Men – perfectly suited to the man of today, who appreciates what is natural and enjoys what is original. The exceptional care range moisturises skin and hair, and provides essential vitamins and nutrients.


However, what on the one hand is extremely rich may on the other hand equally be minimalist, as the maxim especially for men is: less is more, and simple is better. Ella Brantë has therefore created all-in-one solutions, which address almost all aspects of the male bathroom and grooming routine, especially the facial skin, hair, body and beard. All the ingredients used here in the care essentials come from nature: high-quality ingredients that are optimally balanced in quantity and effect.


Even the individual scents are unique. Right from the moment of application, a fragrance is diffused, such as can only come from natural products – fresh, stimulating and masculine, yet relaxing. This is how care products should be. Ella Brantë for Men – for men who love authenticity.

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